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Be a Giver of Light – Help Us Fund the First Season of Lead Me Home

       If you would like to donate another amount please email

The purpose of Lead Me Home is to help the vulnerable in our society – missing children,
runaway teenagers, kidnapped persons, homeless military veterans – by raising awareness of
their condition on television, radio, the internet, social media, and with live events, and
partnering with law enforcement, government organizations, and support groups who can best
help lead them home. We call this “Bringing Light” – and we hope that you will join us and be part of our efforts. At this time we are putting together the final pieces of our first Television episodes of Lead Me Home, but until a major title sponsor steps forward, we require help financing these episodes.


If you would like to be part of our effort to Bring Light to these issues in our society, and help to
rescue and aid missing children, runaway teens, kidnapped persons, and homeless military
veterans, please donate to Lead Me Home. Any amount is welcome, and accepted with our
deepest gratitude. Your donation can be made by credit card, and is secured through Stripe, and you will promptly receive a receipt from Lead Me Home. If you wish to donate by sending a cheque, it can be made out to our headquarters address. The cheque will be promptly cashed and a receipt immediately sent to you.

What do you receive for your donation? You receive the satisfaction of helping the vulnerable
in our society and bringing Lead Me Home to Television and Radio in America. As such, your
name will be listed in perpetuity on our Website and in our Television series credits.
Furthermore, the entire amount of your donation will be put toward an article of our “wearable
technology” clothing, which we hope to debut soon. Should you choose to purchase the clothing, the amount you have donated will go toward your purchase of one or more articles of the clothing when it becomes available. This is our way of thanking you and making you a part of Lead Me Home.


This Television series is for YOU – and we are happy that you wish to be part of our team.


Business office address:
506 Sunset Terrace
Suites 1-3
Endicott, NY 13760


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