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Our Story

The main element of Lead Me Home is the PBS television series. It is unique in that no other TV series of its kind has ever been conceived or produced. The TV series will inform, serve and educate the public in our regional area – New York State and into northern Pennsylvania and New Jersey, New England, and Toronto – in a weekly, 60-minute format that provides focus on current cases of missing persons, runaway youth, kidnapped children, and cold cases specific to this region. Lead Me Home has been accepted for broadcast by the top 9 PBS television stations in New York State, which will bring the series to 10 million viewers from its debut broadcast. In its second season, PBS will support the series’ growth nationally, and international versions are already being planned.

Our logo is a lighthouse.

The Lead Me Home television series will be supported by a radio version, a web site, a smart
phone app for domestic abuse and kidnapping prevention, a hotline telephone number, and
live events. We will also create “wearable technology,” clothing that has embedded GPS chips,
so its wearer can be tracked by computers and smartphones.

Beginning in its second season, Lead Me Home will spread across the United States in versions
customized to different viewing regions; it shall be supported in this by PBS National and the
Corporation for Public Broadcasting. As quickly as possible, it will spread to Europe, South
America and Asia; the producers are already in talks to bring Lead Me Home to India.

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